New Bud Light can makes shotgunning beer even easier

The Bud Light’s Vented Can has you covered if you love to shotgun beer but hate stabbing a hole with your keys. The modified tab top can open an air vent without needing any other tools.

PRNewsFoto | Bud Light

PRNewsFoto | Bud Light

The integrated tab design gives consumers the freedom to enjoy the superior drinkability of America’s favorite light beer in a vented can without the inconvenience of needing additional tools or objects to puncture the lid. After opening the mouth of the can, consumers simply give the tab an extra push to activate the vent underneath.

This is a clear shot at Miller Lite and their punch top can. Miller’s idea was to brag about how you could open the air vent with anything you had on hand, from drumsticks to carabiners. Bud Light pretty much just called that stupid. Then again, I still like to stab things before I chug so we’ll see.

This effortless action releases additional air to flow into the can, creating a smoother pour with less “glug.” It’s a design intended to optimize delivery of Bud Light’s crisp, refreshing flavor.

While I like to pretend the only benefit of these vented cans is for chugging, they actually do serve a purpose beyond degeneracy. It’s much easier to pour a beer without foaming the hell out of it when you’ve got a solid flow. And if you’re a beer gulper, it will help make things smoother while drinking out of the can.

The initial release of the new Bud Light Vented Can is only in Louisville, but they launching nationwide later this year. I’m hoping to get my hands on some to try a bunch of experiments and see if it’s worth the hype.

via PRNewswire