Soccer team holds eating contest and you’ll never guess who crashed the party

Every guy who can pack away a bunch of food in their gut thinks he’d be an amazing competitive eater. All of those guys are wrong.

Since those blowhards can’t be convinced with words it takes an actual beating by a competitive eater to shut them up about “how much they can ingest.”

In this prank set up by the New York Cosmos, the world’s greatest competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi goes undercover at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Westbury, NY, and pranks Cosmos midfielder Peri Marošević in what the team thinks is a “friendly” bet involving chicken wings for a free lunch and bragging rights.

Watch Giovanni Savarese, Alecko Eskandarian, Marcos Senna and Co. as they take on “the new busboy” who’s deliberately on cruise control mode. He’s taking it easy on the guys and still handing them their buffalo wing stained asses.