Noodlin’ For Sharks: Man Jumps In The Ocean And Pulls Shark Out With Bare Hands



So this isn’t quite noodling in the traditional sense of sticking your hands in a dark hole and pulling out a big ass catfish, instead it’s the ocean and a deadly shark.

This guy however jumps in the water, follows the line to the shark they’re fishing for, and picks his ass up to display it for everyone on the beach. Supposedly this incident took place at the Jupiter Inlet and Jupiter Beach, Florida…a spot known for an insane amount of shark action in the water. This shark in particular is a black tip reef shark, a species very common to the region.

Typically I’d go on some rant about how there’s no reason to harass the sharks, blah blah, but this was pretty damn cool and I can’t really find any fault in his desire to best this predator in a one-on-one match of braun.

And for that in GIF one more time:



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