This Video Of 150 Baby Sea Turtles Being Born Will Get You Through Today

Watching this video of baby sea turtles being born and entering the ocean for their first time is just the pick-me-up you need to get through to the weekend.

The title of this video poses the question ‘Have you ever seen 150 turtles being born?’ And my answer is yes, I have. I was about 8 down in Turtle Beach, Sarasota, FL. My family and I were just doing normal beach things but there happened to be a marine researcher there from Mote Marine, a renowned marine research facility, and he was in charge of transferring one of the protected sea turtle nests to the water.

He let me assist by digging up the baby turtles and carrying them by hand to the water, and then I got to hop in the surf and swim with them on their way out. For a kid who was in to nature it was about the most awesome afternoon I could have, and I’d mostly forgotten how unique of an experience it was until watching this video below. /endrant

via HappyPlace

For anyone out there wondering, one of the main reasons they dig these nests up and transport the hatchlings to the ocean is due to light pollution. When the turtles are born naturally typically they crawl out of the sand under the moonlight, and head towards the first light they see. With the rise of beachfront development this has led to many turtles never seeing the ocean. And with an estimated only 1 in 1,000-10,000 hatchlings growing up to reach adulthood they need every edge they can get.

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