Oberto Bacon Jerky is swine dining to-go


Bacon jerky is hitting the mainstream now that Oberto has their hands on it. If you’ve been to a gas station, you’ve undoubtedly seen their bags, but thankfully they’re now full of everyone’s favorite breakfast meat. With its internet foe, Sriracha, entering the jerky market, this new product couldn’t have come at a better time for swine dining. And lest you think it’s just random meats thrown together to look like bacon, the ingredients are simply bacon, water, sea salt, sugar, and natural flavoring. The consistency is less leathery than normal jerky but more chewy than typical bacon. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you, but I warn you, it’s f’ing addictive. I had a couple of pieces and walked away, but within 10 minutes I was back to empty the bag.