Outrageous 40-person softball brawl includes woman biting others in the stomach

America, land of the free, home of deranged sports parents. A 40-person brawl broke out at a softball game in Alabama because softball is an uber competitive sport worth dying for. It all started with a close play at third, which then led to some pushing and shoving. Parents, coaches and family members rushed the field to intervene and participate. At one point during the melee, a 32-year-old woman named Xylinda Pendleton bit somebody in the stomach.

Sadly, there’s no video of said biting but I can assure you someone screamed “WORLDSTAR” quite loudly when it happened. Both teams are banned from the city league for the rest of the season. As one astute observer noted, ““There’s a place for that kinda stuff, and it ain’t out there on the field.”

That person is a great American.