Playboy Vodka helps expand their lifestyle empire

Playboy has partnered with Philippine-based VuQo to create a new premium spirit, Playboy Vodka. If every celebrity can have their own brand of booze, why not a nudie empire?



“Playboy is known for its iconic appeal and aspirational lifestyle. We are thrilled to offer a smooth and crisp premium vodka of the highest quality that will appeal to both Playboy and vodka enthusiasts alike.”

Don’t confuse this with G Spirits vodka, which is poured over a playmate to add sexy flavor. That was just exploiting a lovely lady who happened to have been in Playboy. This is an actual Playboy branded product.

Unlike G Spirits naked base, Playboy Vodka will be distilled from coconut nectar. I wasn’t lying when I said you can make vodka out of just about anything. VuQo is the only company using coconuts, so it’s a smart way to ensure the product is unique instead of just another bottle on the shelf.

The spirit will be available in late 2013, but you’ll have to spend a dozen or so hours on a plane to get it. Playboy Vodka will be available in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. I sure hope you have friends that travel!

Press release via MarketWire