Pro-Tip: Never Piss Off A Giraffe Or They’ll Kick You In Your Big Ass Forehead

I don’t know that any of you would ever be dumb enough to find yourself in a situation where a pissed off giraffe would donkey punch you in your forehead, but after watching this video I want to make sure all of you avoid this situation.

Why couldn’t this pesky little rhino just leave that giraffe alone? Doesn’t he realize that giraffe’s legs match up with his dinosaur-armored forehead? I suppose if any zoo animal’s rocking strong enough armor to absorb a kick to the face from a giraffe, it’s a rhino. But that noise, that force, it made me wince and pucker my starfish a just know that couldn’t have felt good no matter the amount of armor:

Now I want to send a shoutout to giraffes everywhere for being slightly more badass then I previously thought you were. My general knowledge of giraffe combat is limited to giraffe-on-giraffe neck slapping, and this was easily 10,000x more badass (albeit less entertaining) than that. But because we have nothing better to do at this very moment, let’s go ahead and compare the two giraffe fighting styles:


Gotta go with the kick being more effective…also, why the hell was that wildebeest in the background running away too? What a pansy.


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