Puppies Rolling Down Hills: you won’t be able to watch this video just once

Part of the joy in being a dog owner is living vicariously through the happiness of your canine companion, and never is the joy so apparent as when there are puppies rolling down hills.

If this video doesn’t warm you cold heart then I’m thinking it might be time for you to take a vacation and reset that ticker. Rarely do we see such unbridled joy as when a puppy is discovering things for the first time, and in this case it happens to be rolling down hills.

It’s okay, go back and watch it again. I won’t judge you. Myself, I watched it three times and then sent it to my parents who are dog-obsessed trainers. Then they watched it several times before sending it to their friends. That’s what happens with this video, contagious joy using adorable puppies as the vessel. Don’t fight it, just watch it again.


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H/T: @pkdub