Rap legend’s TV show canceled in most embarassing way possible

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MC Serch is a reality TV host and a former member of the 90s rap trio 3rd Bass. If you blinked, you probably missed his syndicated talk show Serch.

Serch’s daytime talk show was supposed to be the anti-Maury — instead of highlighting paternity tests and odd obsessions, Serch attempted to set guests on the right path by finding solutions to improve their lives. But who the hell wants that on daytime TV?

Obviously, no one, because the show was canceled. Actually, a TV show needs to be on the schedule to be canceled. Serch didn’t even make it past the testing phase.

According to TVHell, Serch lasted three shows into a four show “test run.” Networks wouldn’t even let MC Serch have that one last show. That’s like taking a car for a test drive and never leaving the dealer’s lot.

Pulls out of spot.
Pulls to edge of driveway.
Gets out of car.
“I’ve seen enough.”
Throws keys at dealer.

If this freestyle rap on The Arsenio Hall Show didn’t get people to watch, I’m not sure what would have worked.

Gas face.

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