This ‘Royals’ parody titled ‘Seminoles’ might be the best/worst thing on the internet

Amazingly, this video has only 2,000 views. That’s a shame, a damn shame really because it’s internet gold. In short, it’s a Florida Gators fan doing a “Royals” parody aping Florida State. There are so many cringeworthy moments, many of which include our heroine’s rotund belly.

Also, you can’t unsee those GIFs. You just can’t.

I completely lost it during the Gatorade showers. Like I actually had to walk away from the computer due to crying. Naturally, Florida State fans have weighed in on YouTube.

They are none too kind.

Seminoles parody

I sincerely hope this starts an internet war involving Royals parodies. Especially ones from chicks who look like Lena Dunham.