Rugged AR Case turns your iPhone into a tape measure

There’s no shortage of iPhone cases out there, ranging from the useful to the hideous to the goofy. File the Rugged AR case under the “useful” category, especially if you’re bad at eyeballing distances. Why? It’s a virtual tape measure.



The case, as you may have guessed, uses augmented reality. Essentially, on the back there’s a reflective marker. Yes, it does make your iPhone look like it’s going cycling. But you can pop that marker off, set it somewhere up to five feet away from your phone, and then tag it with the including app. You’ll get the distance from your phone to the marker.

The case itself is also pretty rugged, and the bright yellow will make your phone easy to find.

Needless to say, it’s not the most precise tool you’ll use to find distance: If you need something exact, you should probably just use a real tape measure, although the marker makes this a bit more exact than other AR measuring apps. But if you want to add some functionality to your phone, and are looking for a rugged case, this might just fit the bill.

Rugged AR Case