Samsung built a fridge that makes you soda

The SodaStream is a useful little gadget that makes you soda right there, at home. For sucrose addicts and other crazy people, it’s an ideal little standalone gadgets, but Samsung has decided to just stop dicking around and put this thing right into your fridge’s water dispenser.



The new Samsung RF31FMESBSR (catchy name there, guys) is a pretty standard fridge, for the most part. Two doors up top, two drawers down low, and the usual.

It’s really the SodaStream that’s the selling point. The dream of having a soda dispenser built right into your fridge has finally been realized. You put a CO2 cartridge into a slot on the door, add syrup to a reservoir, and then, when you want soda, you press a button, put your glass under, and press the switch. You can even set your level of carbonation.

Yes, you can now just get soda, instantly, any time you want. Well, until the syrup and CO2 run out, but it beats the hell out of hauling to the corner store for two-liters.

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