Seven layer breakfast sandwich is an impressive feat

Yesterday we talked about fast food items that exceed the caloric decency threshold. Now we come across an amazing seven layer breakfast sandwich. It’s America at its finest.



As it turns out, I had exactly seven different types of meat — bacon, turkey bacon, ham, turkey, breakfast sausage, turkey breakfast sausage and Canadian bacon — and so the seven layer breakfast sandwich was born!

Using egg rings I fried up seven perfectly round eggs and separated each one with a piece of toast — which I also cut into circles using the egg rings — and a different type of meat. I even added a couple tomato slices and some spinach. You know… to keep it healthy!

This guy is obviously very good at oversized Bar Jenga.

I’m not sure how exactly you eat this sandwich, but I’m certainly willing to marvel at it. Not everything from DudeFoods is quite this ridiculous, but the man certainly knows how to eat well.