ShareKey lets you open doors with your smartphone

While I’m normally an advocate of efficiency, I think there’s also value in, say, keeping your smartphone, your wallet, and your housekeys separate from each other. That said, there’s probably value in ShareKey, a new app that replaces your keyring.


But where will you keep your bottle opener?

ShareKey, despite its lack of bottle-opening ability, is really designed more for your office than your house. A smartphone with an NFC chip opens doors by waving, so it’s simple. And access can be set on a timer: For example, a guest to the office could only open a door for a set number of days, or doors can only be opened by certain people at set times of day.

Like we said, the idea this will ever be in your house is unlikely: What happens if your smartphone gets stolen, or you prefer a phone without an NFC chip? And where will you keep the various pocket tools that make life easier? But soon enough, you could be walking around the office with a smartphone that lets you into your office, and nowhere else.

Turning Smartphones Into Versatile Keys [Fraunhofer]