Solemn Oath Brewery isn’t your average hop shack

It’s not easy for a brewery to set itself apart now that there is a new one popping up on every corner. Solemn Oath makes incredible beer, but it’s their attitude that gives them an edge. It’s not just about finding a few beers that people like and getting them in as many bars as possible. For these guys, it’s about mixing passion for art, design, and taste.

The labels aren’t shopped out to a random graphic designer working to make something eye catching. They are drawn by artists and meant to be enjoyed as much as the beer they identify. The small tap room is a thing of beauty itself. You’d expect an upstart brewery to seek out efficiency, but instead they shot for beauty. The walnut bar is made by Chicago style-maker and furniture maven, Greta deParry, as is the shelving and the cement Coleman stools.

None of this attention to detail is meant to distract you though. It serves to enhance the already amazing beer. That is what keeps the doors open, after all. If Solemn Oath wasn’t an hour away or I wasn’t carless, I would beg them to employ me even though I’m woefully unqualified.

Greta deParry