The top 100 nightclubs and bars by revenue in America

Nightclubs come and go faster than I do, so the turnover in this list of top 100 nightclubs and bars is quite large. Did your local favorite make the cut? Hint: I doubt it.

The cities well represented aren’t going to shock anyone. In fact, the top 7 cities account for 60% of the bars and clubs on the list. Those are Las Vegas(21), New York(10) Miami Beach(9) Los Angeles(6) San Diego(6) Chicago(4) Washington, DC(4). What is surprising though is what kind of dollar figures the top spots brought in. The $80 million that XS Nightclub brought in last year is an absurd amount for a business that’s open for 6 hours, 3 days per week. That’s over $85,000 per hour.

I’d say we should all get into the nightclub business, but far more fail than succeed. I’ve only been to 17 of these spots, so it may be time to take a field trip. You know, for research. People visit all 32 baseball fields, so why can’t I visit all 100 clubs?


Nightclub via DrinkingMadeEasy