‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 14 recap: Too Little, Too Late


Is Andrea the stupidest non-zombie on this show? The #1 question on this somewhat disappointing second part of the third season is “What the hell is wrong with Andrea?” She’s seen exactly how insane the Governor is. She knows what he did to Merle, to Darryl, to Glen and Maggie, to Michonne. So why is she still hanging out in Woodbury?

This episode addressed that, but not necessarily to her benefit. It was a tightly-focused hour that was sort of the opposite of Clear – aside from a glimpse of Rick, we didn’t see anybody at the prison. It was a very Night Of The Hunter cat and mouse game between the Governor and Andrea. And you know who the mouse is.

The episode starts with Milton discovering the Governor’s happy little torture room and telling Andrea about it. She finally gets it through her head and pulls out a pistol to cap him. Milton stops her for some idiotic reason, and he then tells her to go warn her friends about his intent to kill them all. She makes for the prison, only to be stopped by Tyreese and Sasha. She eventually gets by, but they narc her out to the Governor who takes off after her.

That then kicks off the meat of the episode – Andrea on foot, the Governor in a car after her. He catches up to her in a creepy warehouse, but she sets a crowd of walkers on him and manages to escape. She actually makes it to the prison fence, but before she can warn Rick and crew ol’ one-eye pops up behind her and takes her down, bringing her full circle back to the torture chair we saw at the beginning.

Meanwhile, back in Woodbury Tyreese is starting to notice that things aren’t quite as bucolic as they seem. He finds a huge pit full of walkers that are to be used in the assault on the prison (like the Governor already did a few episodes back). Later on, an unidentified person torches the zombies in the pit so they can’t be used for evil.

Two episodes left in the season. It certainly looks like we’re headed towards a big battle between the two sides, which is dramatically appropriate but not really what I wanted to see. It just seems so cliched at this point. What do you think? Is there any other way to end this?