This Turkey Is The Thanksgiving Übermensch—Can Sit On Command Like A Dog

This is not your every day run of the mill turkey, this turkey is is übermensch of Thanksgiving, it has evolved into a greater being than other turkeys.

No, you will not find this turkey wrapped up in plastic at the grocery store this Thanksgiving. Why? Well, this turkey is capable of learning. This turkey has been trained to ‘sit’ on command. Or rather, this turkey learns that if it sits on command it will receive treats.
You may think that means this turkey can be easily tricked into the slaughterhouse by dangling a loaf of bread in front of its face, but not, it means this turkey knows how to manipulate its environment to get what it wants. And right now what this turkey wants is to live past Thanksgiving. So watch and be amazed as this super turkey makes your untrained cat look like the worst pet known to man-kind:

video by way of TastefullyOffensive


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