3 TV shows about drinking you should be watching


There is no shortage of drinking on TV, but it always plays a backseat to some stupid story line. If you want TV shows about drinking and booze, these are the ones you need to watch.

Binge Watch: Three Sheets

Not since Brook Burke went Wild On! has a TV show about drinking had a host that’s taught so many people how to party. Zane Lamprey has been traveling around the world (and the US) exploring local booze and drinking customs since Three Sheets first aired in 2008. Some learning is done in each location, but the show is definitely about consumption. There’s even a drinking game for the show that’s guaranteed to get you drunk. Lamprey has new Kickstarter-funded show named Chug (sorry Zane, I spent all my money backing breweries and RoboCop statues) that’s coming to National Geographic this fall. The concept is essentially the same as Three Sheets, so now is the perfect time to see how it all began.

HULU – All 4 seasons (52 episodes)

Next Big Thing: Dark Horse Nation

Dark Horse is one of the best breweries in MI, and I’m not saying that just because I’m going to a tap takeover in 4 hours and getting extremely (responsibly) drunk. Their beer is big, bold, and creative, just like the guys who make it. That explains why the History Channel is giving them their own reality show. It looks like a the best parts of every reality show on the History and Discovery channels mashed into one absurd tun of adventure… with beer and beards. Lots of beards. While this one isn’t actually about drinking, you’ll finally get a sense of what many people brewing your favorite craft beers are really like. History foolishly didn’t include an embed option, but you can watch a preview here (which you won’t).

History Channel – Premiers Tues, July 29, at 10pm


On Right Now: Brew Dogs

No show is better than Brew Dogs if you want to know more about making beer. The guys from BrewDog brewery in Scotland travel around the US and brew a new batch of beer in every episode. The fact that most of them aren’t on standard brewing systems actually helps you better understand what really happens in the process. That’s right, they’re brewing on things like like pedal-powered trolleys, trains, and keg rafts. The beers they’re making are nothing short of ridiculous too, having already made the greenest, most caloric, and most caffeinated beers. Just don’t let your girlfriend watch because their accents are intoxicating.

Esquire Network – Wednesdays at 9pm; Season 1 – OnDemand


TV Shows About Drinking Honorable Mention: Moonshiners

Moonshiners definitely fits the “TV shows about drinking” category, but the show has always bothered me. There’s nothing illegal about the distilling operations (obviously), so the fake drama got old quickly. Plus, moonshine is terrible. Just stick it in a barrel like a gentleman.