UFC weigh-in almost leads to wardrobe malfunction (GIFs)

Just when you thought weigh-ins couldn’t get any more boring, this chick takes her shirt off and BAM, must-watch TV.

GIF via @CorkGaines

26 This is the most HD GIF ever

25 This is the most HD GIF ever

24 Eyes up everyone

23 She looks like fun

22 POV

21 Me like leather

20 Get it, “never flat” you guys

19 Allison Williams, the only reason to watch ‘Girls’

18 Watch our for your…face

17 Show off

16 Dat spin move

15 Hot AND talented

14 What is this sorcery?

13 YES, the answer is yes

12 Scarlett Johansson falls, is still hot

scarlett johansson fall


11 She rides well

10 Candice Swanepoel just because

9 Katee looks so happy and carefree

8 Quit it Bey

7 They’re twerking on each other

6 Come on, those aren’t even shorts

5 Obligatory Naya Rivera




1 And on that note, have a good weekend