Try a traditional margarita recipe for National Margarita Day

Colin Joliat

Today is National Margarita Day, so let’s all go home and have a drink. We’re not using any sugar-bomb mixers though, we’re making the real deal.

The origin of the margarita is hotly contested, as are the original ingredients. The traditional cocktail recipe, however, is set in stone thanks to the International Bartenders Association. It seems appropriate to drink the official cocktail on this of all fake holidays.

The actual recipe calls for 7:4:3 of tequila, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice, but if you’re only making one, you can reasonably adjust that to 2:1:1 without really affecting the taste. The important thing is to use nothing but those three ingredients plus ice. Yes, the Cointreau costs up to $30, but that’s enough for 25 margaritas. Plus you’ll enjoy them much more than you would with a pre-made mix. You can go ahead and salt the rim of the glass too, but don’t get too crazy.