What’s winning the Internet today (07.01.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Cyber Crime

cyber crime


It’s really starting to get out of hand.
Cyber Crime: The World’s Most Dangerous Hidden War

If Loving Strippers is Wrong…

i love strippers

Huffington Post

I don’t want to be right.
Man Barred From Bar For ‘I Love Strippers’ Tattoo

So Sayeth The Zen Master

dwight howard phil jackson



Aniko Michnyaova in Lingerie

Aniko Michnyaova


Bet you’ve never heard of her before!
Aniko Michnyaova Busts Out Her Bodacious Lingerie Hotness

Redneck Innovation

redneck innovation

The Chive

Never Underestimate the Power of Redneck Innovation (54 Photos)

Best Vines of July 2013 Compilation

Briley Hale: New Model

briley hale


I like her and you will too.
Briley Hale is a New Model and She’s Modeling

Craziest Russian Videos

russian videos

Clip Nation

Russian dashboard cameras are the best.
The Craziest Russian Videos of the Month

Tracy King and Her Shirt

traci king

Gorilla Mask

AKA The Best Shirt Ever.
Tracy King (NSFWish)

Safe Bet

mighty bite



Best Vines of the Weekend

best vines

SI Extra Mustard

Yes, a cute dog is involved.
A Minute of Your Time: The 10 Best Vines of the Weekend

Paulina Gretzky in a Bikini

paulia gretzky bikini pics

Busted Coverage

The bottom half of this photo is quite nice.
Paulina Gretzky Barbados Bikini Time- Day Two [PHOTOS]

The Good Life Photos

the good life

Elite Daily

Something for you to aspire to this week.
20 Photos That Depict ‘The Good Life’ (Part 2)

Tatiane de Souza in Lingerie

Tatiane de Souza


And here’s a shocker: She’s from Brazil.
Model at Midnight: Tatiane de Souza

Non-Awesome Summer Things

summer things

MTV Guy Code

At least they aren’t now that we’re grown-ups.
5 Summer Things You Thought Were Totally Awesome That Weren’t

Best of PlayboyDotCom


The Smoking Jacket

It’s the best… of Playboy.com…’nuff said.
Eye Candy: The Best of PlayboyDotCom