What’s winning the Internet today (08.02.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Swimwear Don’ts

swimwear donts

MTV Guy Code

Examples of beach attire to avoid. Forever.
5 Swimwear Don’ts For Dudes [PHOTOS]

Shark Found at Pub Door

shark at pub

Huffington Post

“Owner perplexed.”
Shark Found at Pub Door

Did Not Know That


Martha Hunt in Lingerie

martha hunt lingerie


Well, hello there, Martha!
Martha Hunt’s Lingerie Hotness Will Melt You

‘Interesting’ Construction

construction work

The Chive

There. Fixed it.
Sometimes Construction Work Gets Away From People (45 Photos)

Guy Walks Into a Bar: FAILS to Make Magic

Meet Leticia Farr

Leticia Farr

SI Extra Mustard

She’s rather attractive.
SI Hot Clicks

Rejected Google Doodles

rejected google doodles


No idea why they aren’t using this one.
Rejected Google Doodles: Rick James, Bitch

Mindi Smith in Lingerie

mindi smith

Gorilla Mask

For some reason, her lingerie won’t stay in place.
Mindi Smith (NSFWish)

Kickers… Pfft


Horrifying Facts

horrifying facts


Some facts you just can’t un-know.
Facts That Will Completely Horrify You (Video)

Playboy Model April Summers

april summers interview

Busted Coverage

British Playboy Model April Summers on Hairbras & Favorite NFL Team

Deadliest Everything

deadliest everything

The Smoking Jacket

AKA things to avoid.
The 5 Deadliest EVERYTHING! In All HISTORY!

Luiza Freyesleben in Bikinis

Luiza Freyesleben


Oh, come on! Another Brazilian smokeshow?!
Model at Midnight: Luiza Freyesleben

Most Awesome Muscle Cars

american muscle cars


Get ready to see what greatness is.
The 10 Most Awesome American Muscle Cars

Daniela Braga Hotness

daniela braga


Also from Brazil. SMH.
Daniela Braga for Harper’s Bazaar

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

lauren mellor


Parents Getting It Right, Best News Bloopers, Lauren Mellor and more!

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