World Cup moments, plastic surgery Fail, Ashley Greene and more are winning the Internet today

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Superheroes as a Part of History

Caveman Circus

Batman would have solved the Cuban Missile Crisis so easily.
What If Superheroes Were an Integral Part of Our History

The World Cup’s Most Stunning Facts and Moments

Bleacher Report

There was definitely no shortage of World Cup stories and curiosities this year.
Stunning Facts and Moments from 2014 World Cup



Ashley Greene is One Underrated Hottie

SI Extra Mustard

Yes, that is Vanessa Hudgens with Ashley on a boat.
Hot Clicks: Cheesy Portraits of David Hasselhoff, LLOD Ashley Greene

Low Budget Movies That Made a Killing

The Chive

Proof that good movies don’t all have to cost $100 million.
Low Budget Movies That Made a Killing at the Box Office (25 Photos)

Guy Hitting on Female Cops

Allie’s Bikini Top Can BARELY Contain Her

Gorilla Mask

Therefore we really like Allie’s bikini top. And Allie.
Allie (NSFWish)

Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery Fail


Oh, man, you gotta watch this video.
Guy Buys $100K in Plastic Surgery to Look Like Bieber, Looks Like This Instead

Erica Rosen in Lingerie


I don’t know who she is, but damn, now I’m a big fan.
Model at Midnight: Erica Rosen

Metaphorically Speaking, Of Course


Fashion Don’ts Keeping You From Getting Laid


Unless you look like one of these guys, don’t wear these things.
7 Fashion Don’ts Keeping You From Getting Laid This Summer

Jennifer Lopez’s Ass-tastic New Video

Girls in Yoga Pants

I very much look forward to seeing this entire video when it comes out.
Jennifer Lopez’s New Video is All About Ass and Nothing Else

30 GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Crack Up


If these don’t make you laugh you’re just dead inside.
30 GIFs That Will Reduce You to Hysterical Laughter Every Time

Dapne Joy is Truly a Wonder of Genetics


Fox Sports Buzzer

Best Home Run Derby Tweet; Dapne Joy is Fox-y

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


Weird subway pics, Android pranks, Lais Ribeiro and more!