WWE Rumors: Wrestler gets extreme heat for posting backstage photo

via WWE

via WWE


WWE rumors today include a wrestler getting major heat from corporate about a photo posted to his Twitter account before Extreme Rules.

Other WWE rumors today involve Daniel Bryan and his angle on Raw, the backstage and crowd reaction to the debut of Adam Rose, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis talks about Triple H and the interesting backstory of the kid who played Little Johnny at Extreme Rules.

WWE Rumors for May 6, 2014

‘Jerry Smaller’ gets major heat for photo

Rumors are that Short Sleeve Sampson, who played “Jerry Smaller” on the Extreme Rules pre-show, had major heat on him for a Twitter photo he posted before the show. Here’s the actual photo Sampson posted online.

via Twitter

via Twitter


The photo shows Sampson sitting at his desk before the PPV, but in the background, John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were allegedly going over their upcoming match.

Sampson quickly pulled down the pic, but it is floating around on social media.

Daniel Bryan’s original Raw opponent

WrestlingInc.com explains that the original script for last night’s RAW had Batista against Daniel Bryan. The script was changed late Monday afternoon, which is no surprise considering the rumors yesterday that Batista already wants out of the WWE, and Alberto Del Rio got the call as Bryan’s opponent.

Del Rio versus Bryan was the high point on an incredibly disappointing Raw after a PPV.

Backstage reaction to Adam Rose debut

Adam Rose made his long awaited debut last night on Raw. WWE purposely chose not to have Rose wrestle a match on last night’s RAW so they could continue to slowly introduce his characters to the WWE fans.

Rose and his character were incredibly over on NXT and the WWE feels it will take some time for fans to warm to Rose’s party gimmick.  Those in attendance in Albany for Rose’s debut said it came off much better live in the arena than it did on RAW.

‘Little Johnny’ is the son of a former WWE star

According to PWInsider, the young boy who portrayed “Little Johnny” at Extreme Rules is the son of Jamison Winger.

Winger was a regular on WWF programming in the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s. He co-hosted the short-lived ‘The Bobby Heenan Show’ on the USA Network.

Former diva discusses Triple H’s contribution to WWE

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently spoke with WrestlingOpinion.com. When asked about Triple H, here’s what Maria had to say.

“Anybody that wants to say it is the Yes Movement better also remember who the boss is, and who’s the one making the decisions now. And I think that Triple H doesn’t necessarily get as much credit as he deserves, because he is the on building up that NXT, he’s the one that has made it a hub and place for wrestling to grow and get better and better.”

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