Cats truly DGAF, and this escape artist cannot be contained

Cats are known for their attitude of giving zero fux, and this video of a cat freakishly opening doors is further proof they’re only concerned with their own agendas.

Unlike dogs, who are typically happy to get on board with whatever it is you ask of them, for centuries cats have gotten away with doing whatever they want. They don’t concern themselves with the cleanliness of your home, the state of your houseplants, the lack of vomit on your carpet. If they want to vomit on the carpet, then tear up your plant, and later destroy your kitchen…well, that’s their prerogative and they’ll do whatever the hell they want. Like I said earlier, cats DGAF.

In this video we see one who’s been taught to escape from places and open doors. It was foolish of this pet owner to teach the cat this skill, and he’ll pay the price of his foolishness for the next two decades.

Source: Reddit


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