10 Lager Beers Every Bro Should Try, In Honor Of National Lager Day

Bros! Did you hear the news? Today is national lager beer day! As BroBible’s in-house heady beer-lover, this means it’s time for me to come up with a listicle ranking the very best lager-style beers in the world, just like the list I made for the 10 best IPAs every Bro should try on National IPA Day. What makes a beer a lager? It’s brewed COLD, bruh. Like, ICY COLD.

My picks are below:

10. Yuengling Lager

9. Yuengling Lager, America’s Oldest and Largest Independent Brewery

8. Yuengling Lager

7. Yuengling Lager, at a baseball game

6. Yuengling Lager

5. Yuengling Lager, with pizza

4. Yuengling, Lager’s first name

3. Yuengling Lager

2. Yuengling Lager, in a can

1. Yuengling Lager

Editor’s Note: Brandon is from Pennsylvania.

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