This Is What A $10,000 Knife Cutting A Prized Bluefin Tuna Looks Like…As If It’s Slicing Through Butter

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This is one of those viral videos that you just need to accept for what it is and not question why you’re watching a video of a man carving up a bluefin tuna. All you should be thinking about when watching this video is the fact that some guy is carving up a bluefin tuna worth tens of thousands of dollars using a knife that costs $10,000. As noted over on Outdoors360, that $10,000 blade slices through the massive bluefin tuna like butter…and it’s hypnotic to watch. Keep in mind that this fish is straight up FROZEN while that blade is slicing through it, and this video was taken at the Mitsuwa Japanese Supermarket several years ago:

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