120 Pound Bro Accidentally Spends Almost Three Years Bulking And These Are His Results After A Massive Cut

Every Bro knows that in order to achieve that Instagram-worthy buffed up look everyone strives for you have to both bulk and cut. For all the beginners out there, bulking is when you purposely try to gain muscle by eating at a caloric surplus, whereas cutting is where you try to lose the fat gained during your bulk in order to reveal all the muscle mass you’ve put on. It is very, very difficult to gain significant muscle without eating at caloric surplus, just like it is very difficult to lose fat without cutting calories.

Redditor furiousmasturbaterv2 found this out the hard way, as he unintentionally bulked for almost three years before he started cutting. Starting at 5’7” and 120 pounds, as a senior in high school he writes that his diet was mostly alcohol and fast food, while his workouts mainly took place in a weightlifting class:

I was in weights class and slowly began to just eat everything in sight, and lift heavy with a low range rep of around 5-7 and avoid cardio at all costs. I would eat entire digiorno pizza everyday for the protein and drink mutant mass at night. I had no idea of what a good balanced diet was.

Eventually, FMV2 went from a lanky, skinny Bro…

…to this:

I’m not going to call him fat, but let’s just say that a hostess might have second thoughts about seating him in a booth. In other words, this is why you do not eat Digiorno pizza every day when you are trying to get into shape.

Explaining that he was lifting “very heavy but with no rhyme or consistency,” FMV2 states that he was in the worst shape of his life. This year, however, he finally became in control of his diet and began cutting:

For the past 20 weeks I’v been eating 250G of protein started at 50 grams of fat at the start of the my cut and now I’m at 30 grams of fat I fill in the rest of the 2000 calories I need with carbs

I have stayed at 2000 calories through this entire 20 weeks the only thing I’ve dropped is the amount of fats

As far as routine I started doing fasted cardio at least twice a week and cardio of any form at least 4 times a week.

FMV2 now eats 1-2 cheat meals a week, however each meal is “usually just gluten free, dairy free, meat free pizzas I make from ingredients at whole foods.” When he’s not cheating (and his description of a “cheat meal” isn’t even bad by most standards), his basic meal plan is still pretty intense:

meal 1. 12 egg whites and ezekiel bread and pb2 or ezekiel cereal
meal 2. isopure shake and natural cereal bar plus some fruit
meal 3. half pound of lean beef and mushrooms
meal 4. salmon(or more beef and mushrooms) and sweet potato fries Before the gym
meal 5. 12 egg whites and any high GI carb after the gym
meal 6. protein shake and cereal bar.

If you’re curious about his routine, FMV2 writes that he does a “basic bro split,” avoiding “heavy deadlifts and heavy squats yet I do lightweight sumos and lightweight squats on leg days. My rep range is usually between 12-15 with three sets.” On a weekly basis, it looks something like this:

mond: chest and tris
Tue:back, rear delts and biceps
wed:quads and shoulders
Thursday: arms
friday: shoulders and back
saturday: cardio and chill
sunday: maybe get into the gym and do whatever i want

As for his results, they pretty much speak for themselves:

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[Via Reddit]