Watch The Moment 13-Year-Old Reels In 200-Pound Shark At Jersey Shore And Makes Me Feel Inadequate As A Man

What’s your biggest catch? There’s a good chance that a 13-year-old caught a bigger fish than you ever did, and he didn’t travel to Belize or Panama to hook this monster, he nabbed this sucker at the Jersey shore.

Gianni Mandile made the men look like boys on Sunday when he reeled in a shark. The 13-year-old pulled in a 7-foot, 200-pound shark most of the way to the shore before his dad, Joseph Mandile, grabs the shark’s tail and pulls it onto the beach at Long Beach Island.

Initially, the teen thought he snagged a stingray, but quickly realized it was a shark.’Dad it’s big, it’s a big shark,’ Gianni told his father.

The father and son posed for a quick pic before they released it back into the ocean.

“All my friends, I’ve caught bigger fish than them, so it’s kind of good,” Gianni told WABC-TV. Hey kid, you caught a bigger fish than most adult fishermen. Fucking braggart. I mean, good for that kid who reeled in a fish that is five times the size of anything I’ve ever caught in two decades of fishing.