Fetishist Or Crime Gone Wild: Burglar Gets Sat On By 200-Pound Woman Until Police Arrive To Arrest Him

A burglary in South Florida lived out a dream that many fetishists have to pay a lot of money for: he was taken down and sat on by a 200-pound woman.

Upon returning to her home in Little Havana, Miami, 200-pound Natalia Zea told CBS 4 that they found a man attempting to break into their work truck, containing cleaning and fishing supplies. Quickly Natalia and her husband lumbered into action, with her husband chasing him down the street and tackling the burglar.

Natalia Zea didn’t want her husband hogging up all the glory in taking down the perpetrator, so she planted her butt on his back and sat on him until the police arrived. Yes, the burglar was subdued by a 200-pound woman sitting on him. Yes, he police immediately revoked his man card upon arrival.

From CBS Local Miami:

An alleged burglar sought by police was apparently apprehended by a couple in Little Havana, after a husband and wife sprang into action.

According to Barragan, she was on her way home from work early Thursday morning when she saw a thief breaking into the pickup truck she uses for her cleaning business. Inside were cleaning supplies, tools, and fishing equipment.

“You’re mad because it’s your stuff. Scared. Fear. You just want to punch him down,” said Barragan.

They didn’t punch him, but her husband took down the man in front of their home on Southwest 12th Street.

“My husband tackled him and he (alleged robber) was saying, ‘please! I’m sorry! I’m not stealing anything,” said Barragan.

And as the two men struggled on the ground, Barragan told CBS4’s Natalia Zea she decided to jump into the fray.

“I’m 200 pounds. I had to do something. I sat on him. I literally, his back was like this and my behind – I sat on him. And when I sat on him my husband could grab him more and then the neighbor came.”

“They (police) said they were looking for this guy stealing from cars. We got him!” said Barragan.

So why all the talk of fetishism? ’30 Rock’ devotees will remember that show star Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) used to pay a dwarf dressed as a leprechaun to sneak into her apartment and sit on her and her boyfriend, Paul (Will Forte). In the episode where Jenna is up for the ‘spokesperson’ role for Wool, Jenna’s chances at that are nearly squandered when their dwarf storms into the apartment to sit on them. The man who went by the name of ‘sitter’ is pictured below.

This is basically how I imagine things happened down in Little Havana from the moment they saw the burglar until the time the police showed up.

“Let’s take turns sitting on him and never tell a soul!”…only they told everyone, they told the press.

This dude couldn’t even fight off a 200-pound woman sitting on him…bro, do you even lift? Do you?!?

For more on the story you can read it in full HERE on CBS Local Miami.


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