This Incredible 3D-Printed Car Can Be Constructed In 3 Days For $7,500

by 1 year ago

Last week, we presented you with a humble but exciting abode that could be 3D-printed within 24 hours and could be built for less than $4,000. Now we give you a 3D-printed car that can be created within three days for the low, low price $7,500.

With self-driving vehicles set to become a mainstay, China has stepped up to provide a 3D-printed vehicle that is electric and nearly autonomous. This tiny two-seater vehicle is called the LSEV and it is created by Italian carmaker XEV. The innovative car manufacturer had the bold idea to cut costs, slice the manufacturing time, and reduce the number of car parts from 2,000 to a mere 57.

The best part about the 3D-printed LSEV car is that it will only take up to three days to construct the light and innovative vehicle. The 3D-printed vehicle is said to weigh less than 1,000 pounds and 3D-printing means there is 70% reduction of investment cost. The LSEV has already received 7,000 pre-orders and can be customized. In the future, the company will allow customers to customize their ride even more so. As of right now, customers can 3-D print with Polymaker Industrial, which is a developer of 3-D printing materials. Italy has already ordered LSEV 5,000 cars and another 2,000 cars will be leased out.