5 Idealized Romantic Places from Movies That Aren’t Actually That Romantic

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People find love in movies everywhere, but I noticed a trend of it happening often in certain places that really aren’t that romantic in real life.  Here are those romanticized places, and what they’re really like in real life.

5.  Anywhere When It’s Raining

A lot of romantic movies have that pivotal moment in the movie where the couple meets and kiss in the rain. They fail to show the part later where they are dealing with wet shoes, a broken phone due to water damage, and later have to battle a nasty cold. In reality, rain usually just cancels a romantic event you were originally planning on attending. Rain is like acne during puberty, always appearing at the worst time.

4.  At a Concert

It seems like there are a lot of movies that feature a scene where the romantic interests go to a concert and have a lovely conversation where they realize they have more in common than just liking the artist that’s playing.  In the concert scene, they’re always able to talk to each other without having a problem hearing each other. In reality, concerts are like the loudest things on the planet and you have to yell into someone’s ear who is standing right next to you just for them to hear the bullet points. Not to mention you’ll be surrounded by many other sweaty individuals pushing and moshing their way past you to a closer spot. Also, if you are going to a concert you’re going to that concert to see one of your favorite artists live, not to have someone talk to you about crappy their ex was in one ear while being deafened by the speakers in the other.

3. The Grocery Store

The grocery store is often romanticized in movies with a scene where two people go for the same piece of fruit, and their hands accidentally end up touching, triggering a tsunami wave of feelings towards each other due to their accidental hand touching incident. In reality, grocery stores are filled with people who suddenly become completely unaware of their surroundings. People slowly drag their feet around the aisles, acting as if they’ve never seen food on shelves before. Even if you spot a good looking romantic interest surrounded by people permanently stuck in slow motion, you’re going to have a hard time sparking a conversation with them while not sounding creepy. “Oh you like eating food to live too? Weird. We have so much in common. Want to eat food together sometime?” Actually that might be just dumb enough to actually work.

2.  The Airport

There is a great deal of airport romance that happens in movies, which usually involves a lot of sprinting through airport terminals. However, any reasonable person isn’t going to purchase an entire airline ticket just to tell someone how they really feel about them. If someone was trying to win back my love and they bought a $450 flight instead of simply calling me, I’d question any of their future decisions. Don’t get me wrong though, usually there is a certain person in the waiting gate you find attractive. For a brief second, you imagine sitting next to each other on the plane where you realize you’ve found your soul mate, and you imagine your life together living happily ever after. The only problem is that you never actually get to sit next to that person on the plane. Instead you end up scrunched in between a proud grandma and an audibly breathing Jeff.

1.  The Laundromat

Movies often times have a romantic scene that takes place at a Laundromat. The girl and guy somehow get their underwear mixed up and it cuts to the comedic scene of the dude holding up a pink thong looking very confused. This doesn’t happen in real life. If you’re an adult capable of living in the world you will know which machine your clothes are in by looking at the clothes and recognizing them as your clothes. If you do somehow end up with a young woman’s underwear, she’s not going to fall in love with you.  She’s going to call you a pervert and threaten to call the cops.

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