These Are The 5 Most Powerful Anti-Marijuana Lobby Groups, The Ones You Should Know About If You’re Pro-Trees

As was the case during the last general election, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are one of the hottest voting issues. It seems that for the first time in American history the general population actually supports the legalization of marijuana, mostly for medical purposes, but there are some anti-marijuana lobbys and interest groups that REALLY do NOT want to see this happen. The anti-marijuana lobbyists see the potential legalization of marijuana as a nail in the coffins of their respective industries.

It’s true, if marijuana were to be legalized certain industries would suffer as a result. The opiate prescription industry would suffer, but that’s a good thing because we’d have a fuck ton less people in society getting addicted to opiates (and overdosing). The same goes for the private prison industry, because they want their jail cells full no matter what. With fewer marijuana-related arrests they’d see significantly fewer prisoners, so they’re pouring TONS OF MONEY into making sure weed doesn’t get legalized nationwide.

The folks over at put together an infographic showing the 5 most powerful anti-marijuana lobbying groups, and how they spend their money. If you’re pro-legalization and anti-prohibition then these are the lobbying groups you should be voting against:

To see the infographic on one page and more weed-related infographichs I encourage you bros to click on over to!

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