Watch This 50-Year-Old Mom Rave Her Ass Off And Steal The Show

Old people are always funny to watch when they try and do young people shit, making them, sometimes, look absolutely ridiculous in trying to relive their glory years.

This lady, though—named Lynne Cole—wasn’t one of those people, as she gave ZERO shits when she went to a rave with her 23-year-old twin daughters and completely stole the show by dancing her damn ass off.



Spotted at the Defqon. 1 Festival in Sydney, Lynne moved better than I ever have, using her walking stick as a prop and rocking a tie-dye shirt, headband and floppy hat as other ravers jumped around her.

After the video of her went viral, Lynne gave Daily Mail in Australia one of the best lined ever to describe why she was going so H.AM. on the dance floor, saying, “you’re never too old or too young. You’re in it for the music.”

With that, Lynne Cole just became a fucking legend.

[H/T Mirror.UK]