People Shared 6-Word Stories Of The Drunkest They’ve Ever Been And They Are Awesome

by 2 years ago

Yesterday evening on Twitter @VICE threw out the question ‘in six words, what’s the drunkest you’ve ever been?’ Maybe I’m a raging alcoholic and the doctors haven’t informed me yet, but I found this to be a pretty hard question to answer. Ultimately, I decided to go with ‘walked into glass door 3 times’ which refers to a night I spent in Mexico in college.

The first time in the night that you walk into the sliding glass door everyone is like ‘haha, what a fool’. The second time that you walk into the sliding glass door in one night people begin to worry. The third time you walk into a sliding glass door in one night everyone suspects you’re a zombie. Unfortunately for me, the third time I walked into the door came shortly after I tried to make a blender full of margaritas but I forgot to add the little metal spinny part to the bottom of the blender, so when I picked up the blender to put it on the stand the lime juice, tequila, and ice went everywhere. In my shame, I went to step out on the porch and walked face first into the door for the third time. Thankfully for me, the sun was already up so I just kept walking and left that poor girl’s condo and went back to the one I was staying at.

That’s my 6 words broken out into a much longer story, and I’m still not sure that’s the drunkest I’ve ever been…Now, here are the best 6 word drunk stories from Twitter:

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