A great example of american politics

by 6 years ago

About a week ago a video came out of Jimmy Kimmel tricking pedestrians with question about Obama. I was lucky enough to find it today scrolling through twitter, so i only found it right to share it with you fine people. In the first part a woman’s voice is asking civilians what they think about Obama “pardoning” the sequester. Now if any body has been following the actions going on in congress right now, and you decided to take three minutes of your time to watch this video, you would know that the “pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal doesn’t make sense . Once the interviewer asks her first (trick) question, the Pedestrian then follows up with ” I actually think its a good idea”. i really hope this guy in the “Ed Hardy” like shirt, friends see this video, so they can knock some sense into this twerp. Anyways the last section that the interviewer choses is a conversation with a African American woman, who has a very honest answer for Jimmy Kimmel, and if you lazy pieces decided not to watch the video i will quote for you ” (interviewer) “what do you think of Obamas decision to pardon the sequester and send it to portugal?”. Then the woman responds with a response that should set an example of the american society and how our county is run. she says “Sequester what?… i dont know i just voted for him because he’s black”. thank you (unknown honest lady) for speaking the truth that most americans cant, like the fool at the beginning of the “trickery”.