Bros, A New Male Contraceptive Is Coming, So You Can Do The Same Without Worrying About Becoming A Daddy

I’ve been pretty open about my disappointment in humanity’s contraception efforts. We’ve landed on the goddamn moon but we’re still strapping a rubber rain coat on our willy’s to prevent pregnancy/STDs. There has to be a better way.

But it seems scientists have awoken from their one hundred year nap and started to make some strides in limiting sexual risk and heightening pleasure. Because a male version of “the pill” is right around the corner, bros.

The drug, coined Vasalgel, is a non-hormonal form of male contraceptive that is scheduled for worldwide sale in three years, as successful animal trials have already been completed. The Parsemus Foundation, the non-profit company behind the drug, claims its mission “works to advance innovative and neglected medical research,” according to its website.

The term “the pill,” however, is a bit misleading. The drug is actually a gel that is injected into the man’s vas deferens (sperm-carrying tubes), which is accessible through the scrotum.  It works by blocking sperm, much like that of a vasectomy.  One injection of the drug is said to last up to ten years, but a second injection is expected to dissolve the gel, and reverse its effects at any moment.

The innovative contraceptive method is raising concerns with potential trust issues between sexual partners. Traditionally, women have been trusted with the responsibility of using ‘the pill,’ but will they be equally trustworthy with men who claim to be on it?

According to a survey of nearly 400 Men’s Health Facebook followers, 86% of men said they would give the birth control shot a try, and 72% of women surveyed said they would trust their partner to be truthful.

When released, the drug will be the first approved male contraceptive since the condom.

[H/T LADbible]