These People Have Figured Out How To Have An Orgasm During Their Ab Workouts

Woman Orgasm Workout


Is your ab workout working for you? Better question — is your ab workout “working you”? Is it getting you off? Well, you’re probably not alone, but there are a bunch of people actually getting off during crunches and leg raises.

Dr Debby Herbenick, Men’s Health sex professor, conducted a research after the magazine received a lot of emails from readers that like a female porn star, featured in a 2006 Men’s Health article, who had an orgasm every time they performed hanging leg raises, they too have the same experience. Since they were all doing core exercises, Herbenick called the phenomenon coregasm, reports the New York Post.

In her book titled “The Coregasm Workout: The Revolutionary Method for Better Sex through Exercise,” Herbenick states that the climax is a result of working the abdominal muscles, not because the undergarments rub against the genitals of the person and cause friction or the gym rat has thoughts about sex. But scientists don’t have a clear explanation why it happens to some people.

According to Herbenick’s research, males who experience “coregasm” said that the intensity of the ejaculation is actually higher than when they get off while masturbating. But, unfortunately, it is lesser than having sex with a partner. Sex always wins.

Herbenick explains that a person doesn’t even have to have an erection to get off while working out and suggests, for safety reasons, to stop working out if you feel an orgasm coming on while working out.

And this whole time you thought the meathead doing squats was yelling because he was lifting heavy. Nope. He was probably getting off. Also, never use that barbell again.

[via IB Times]