All-Female Fight Clubs, Including One That Is Topless, Are Something That Is Happening

by 3 years ago
all-female fight clubs


We don’t know what the first rule about these all-female fight clubs is, but it’s apparently not “don’t talk about it.” Because this week not only has one story about an all-female fight club surfaced, two have come to light.

The first, the Brooklyn Girls Fight Club, takes place in Brownsville, Brooklyn and was covered by New York’s PIX11.

And while the thought of women just getting into the ring and beating the snot out of each other for winner-takes-all purses sounds rather barbaric, founder Samson Styles, seems to have found a silver lining.

“We’ve got some known females in the community causing havoc and involved in these fights, so we said, ‘Look, why don’t you do it for some money?'” says Styles about his unique venture.

As you will see in the video below, that money has actually come in handy for some women who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make the life changes they needed to make without it.

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