All-Female Fight Clubs, Including One That Is Topless, Are Something That Is Happening

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all-female fight clubs


We don’t know what the first rule about these all-female fight clubs is, but it’s apparently not “don’t talk about it.” Because this week not only has one story about an all-female fight club surfaced, two have come to light.

The first, the Brooklyn Girls Fight Club, takes place in Brownsville, Brooklyn and was covered by New York’s PIX11.

And while the thought of women just getting into the ring and beating the snot out of each other for winner-takes-all purses sounds rather barbaric, founder Samson Styles, seems to have found a silver lining.

“We’ve got some known females in the community causing havoc and involved in these fights, so we said, ‘Look, why don’t you do it for some money?'” says Styles about his unique venture.

As you will see in the video below, that money has actually come in handy for some women who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make the life changes they needed to make without it.

The other all-female fight club to make news this week is located in East Berlin and there the women involved are fighting while topless. They also apparently aren’t getting paid to do it either.

Reports the Daily Mail (where they also have photos)…

The private club has no official guidelines and does not have one particular fighting style and shows women – who are practising their sport unpaid, for the sheer challenge of combat – throwing off the preconceived notions about their gender to compete as equals.

So why do they fight?

According to photographer Katarzyna Mazur…

“Their motivations are as diverse as those women’s personalities are. It may be their statement about the modern perception of women, their proof for the unity of femininity and strength, yet at the same time their instrument to be seen and desired.”

Fights can be wrestling matches, someone with a black-belt in jujitsu can use their moves or it can be a beginner’s catfight.

The events can last several hours which include breaks where the fighters get to know each other and there is no judge, only someone who knows the rules.

Katarzyna found that there was great camaraderie between the women and respect for each other, the fight is stopped if someone is too hurt.

She told Dazed Digital: “I was quite shocked. I had never seen something like that before and it was really interesting to experience the intensity so close.”


The crazy part? Well, crazier part, there are no age, height or weight limitations when it comes to the fights.

Tyler Durden would be so proud.

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