Nothing Says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Like An All-Out Brawl At Red Lobster

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I honored my mother this Mother’s Day by sending her flowers with a heartfelt card. Call me old-fashioned, but really wanted to avoid an all-out melee at Red Lobster this year. For once.

But some of us just couldn’t resist the urge.

Four men were arrested yesterday after they started a vicious brawl in a Columbus, Georgia Red Lobster. According to Lt. Miles of the Columbus Police Department, as one family was leaving the restaurant at around 3 pm Sunday, a group of males came in and jumped one of the men in the group leaving the restaurant. The man was holding a 14-month-old baby at the time of the assault, and two men trying to save the baby from the attack were also assaulted. The baby was uninjured, thankfully.

The attack was allegedly sparked by the belief that the victim was involved in the 2014 shooting that killed Robert Brooks.

According to WTVM, the three men were taken to the hospital with numerous injuries including a cut to the back of head, cut above the eye, and lacerations to the face. They have been treated and released.

The perpetrators, Edward Merritt, Artrez Coppins, Corey Turner and Tommie Mullins (pictured left to right below) were all arrested after they were spotted hiding in the woods following the attack. They were all charged with three counts of battery, one count of reckless conduct and one count of disorderly conduct. Three of the four have been released on bond.

Here is the intense footage:

Shit’s just poppin’ off at Red Lobster. The video is outrageous but it does seem to be missing something. Can’t quite think of–Oh, I know what it’s missing:



I’m an insensitive asshole.


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