Alligator Jumps Into Boat While Couple Is Streaming On Facebook Live, All Hell Breaks Loose

Tylor Hindery and his wife were taking a boat tour of the Florida swamps, as tourists are often inclined to do. At one point in the tour they found their boat stuck near a log, a log that was waaaaayyyy too close to an alligator for the reptile’s liking.

Tylor saw this close encounter with an alligator as the perfect time to start streaming on Facebook Live and share his vacation with friends and family back in Missouri.

Instead of smoothly sliding on down the log and into the water like most gators would this particular alligator decided he was fed the fuck up, and jumped right into the boat. That’s when the proverbial shiznit hit the fizzan.

The medium-sized alligator eventually crawled his way out of the boat and back into swamp, but it took the tour operator charging the gator in a show of dominance to get the reptile to crawl out. Was this the greatest swamp tour in Florida history? It might’ve been. Without a Florida Panther jumping into the boat and eating that gator it’s hard to imagine a more exciting day on the swamp than this one.

[h/t fox13news]