You’ll NEVER Guess Which Day America’s First Recreational Weed Drive-Thru Hopes To Open

A weed dispensary in Oregon called “Green Life Oregon” has it hopes set on opening America’s first ever drive-thru for recreational marijuana on…. April 20th, presumably at 4:20 am. If not, that’s a marketing fail.

The pot shop is located in Gold Beach and, according to BuzzFeed, dispensary manager Jeremy Paulson said he’s working with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the group also responsible for running the recreational marijuana program, to approve the genius plan.

Paulson said they are working with OLCC to ensure the drive-thru offers a “safe environment” for both customer and employee, and in particular are looking at how to make sure someone doesn’t “just drive right up and rob you.”

Might wanna leave that part out of your discussions with the Commission, Jeremy. Sounds more like an in-house topic to me.

Even though weed is obviously legal in Oregon, the drive-thru idea would serve as a great option for those who still prefer to be a little more “discreet” and would probably offer a a healthy spike in sales because the idea of being able to buy weed without getting out of your car is pretty damn alluring.

Plus, just like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, your lazy ass can firmly remain in the driver’s seat while you spew off your list of desired items.

As mentioned, the ideal scenario is for the drive-thru is to open on 4/20 and Paulson said that every day they plan to “subtly flash the store’s colorful lights” at 4:20 pm. I’m not sure why they don’t do that already anyway, since the store itself already exists, but I guess the best explanation would be WEED.

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