Anthony Weiner Told That Hottie He Was Sexting That His Son Was A ‘Chick Magnet’ And I Don’t Completely Hate This

One of the best ways to pick up chicks is by reeling them in with a cute kid. It’s nearly flawless. Even if the chick hates the idea of motherhood and just wants to spend her days lady-boning one of the girls from her book club because it provides satisfaction without the risk pregnancy, she won’t be able to resist a few minutes cooing at a giggling ball of baby fat and farts. Little kids are like puppies. All they have to do is be there and look cute to get the hotties to approach, and then you have to seal the deal. They get you in the door but then you have to give the chick a reason to let you stay.

At the same time, there is an ethical line between what’s acceptable and what’s not when it comes to employing your kid as a chick magnet. Namely, not sticking him in one of your dick pics, like Anthony Weiner did, and then explicitly telling the chick who received the picture that your kid is your ‘chick magnet’.

Via New York Post:

Anthony Weiner didn’t just send his latest sexting partner a crotch shot selfie with his young son curled up next to him in bed — he boasted to the woman about using his child as a “chick magnet.”

The stray-at-home dad’s stunning admission followed his repeated gripes about a lack of action in his marital bed, at one point complaining he was only having sex once every two months, according to screenshots obtained by The Post. Weiner told the woman he had dropped off the tyke “at grandpas after school,” but bellyached that the free baby-sitting “only bought me a couple of hours,” the screenshots show.

“Put him to work,” the buxom brunette suggested during their March 12, 2015, online chat. Weiner, 51, then sent the 40-something divorcee a photo of his son sitting in a playground swing, smiling and holding a toy car in his hands.

“Already at work. Being a chick magnet,” he wrote.

So here’s a hot take: If you’re sending a chick a picture of your man-popsicle, you shouldn’t also need your kid to be involved. Your meat mace should be enough of a chick magnet. If you need to put a second chick magnet in there with your first one, then you the first one isn’t any good. Also, you’re supposed to use your kids to get in the door, not break it down so you can race in with your dick hanging out. So really, this is just further proof that Weiner has no game. And yet he still somehow gets laid by some hot chicks. I guess it just further shows that nice guys finish last. I also guess it shows that having your name literally be weiner can’t hurt either.