Badass Police Captain Clay Higgins Dropped A Rant About America That Will Make You Run Through A Goddamn Wall

We’ve posted about Captain Clay Higgins before, but we have never seen him featured in a video of this nature. Usually his “Crime Stoppers” videos consist of him calling out and threatening some scumbag who robbed a family-owned convenient store or something in his town of St. Landry Parish, Louisanna. If you’ve never watched one of his “Crime Stoppers” videos, I suggest you do. They are high comedy.

Capt. Higgins’ video today, which is entitled “America United” is the opposite of comedy. You can see the concern in Higgins’ eyes. The concern that our country is headed even further down the shitter. His final message, however, is clear: That when the citizens of this country stand together, nothing can defeat America. Fuckin’ A right, Higgins. Fuckin’ A right.