Arizona Neighborhood Terrorized by Packs of Abandoned Chihuahuas

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Phoenix has been overrun by packs of feral chihuahuas.

In the past year alone, the city’s animal care and control center received 6,000 calls from residents complaining about about the wild beasts. They reside in the neighborhood of Maryvale, and they reportedly bite kids and have free reign of the streets there. The feral monsters are Phoenix’s number one public health threat besides crystal meth.

From the Daily Mail:

Officials said they do not have enough staff to respond to all the service calls coming from residents in Maryvale.

The infestation of ditched dogs is creating unsanitary conditions in the area since the strays leave behind feces that no one is willing to clean up.  

Another major concern is that kids on their way to and from school could be bitten by the pooches, which have been known to chase residents.

Maryvale resident Ray Rios told MyFox Phoenix that he has been seeing groups of 8-12 Chihuahuas running after children and going from yard to yard.

If you’re in Phoenix, do you city a favor. Shoot any chihuahua on sight. Report them to the Maricopa County animal control.

[H/T: Daily Mail; Photo: Annette Shaff/Shutterstock]


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