You, Me, And Everyone Will Be Obsolete By 2029, Replaced By Smart And Sexy Super Humans

Cass Anderson Brain

Cass Anderson

I hope you’ve been living life to the fullest, bro! Because according to Google’s Director of Engineering, our weak ass brains and normal human looks will be obsolete in the very near future.

Ray Kurzweil is Director of Engineering at Google, a company best known for making eyeglasses that took pictures (Google Glass). That project was shut down because people thought the glasses were an invasion of privacy and Google’s now sitting back looking at the Snapchat Glasses like ‘what the fuck, guys? We did that and your panties were in an uproar!’

What makes Mr. Ray Kurzweil qualified to predict that humanity as we know it will be replaced by sexy human cyborgs in the near future? Well, as Director of Engineering at Google it’s Ray’s job to predict future technological trends, and out of his 147 predictions since 1990 he’s been correct 86% of the time.

I bet you’re asking yourself ‘what the fuck is Cass even ranting about right now? Get to the point, jabroni!‘ If that thought is currently swirling around in your cranium I’ll save you any more rambling and get to the prediction:

‘By 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence,’ Kurzweil said in the interview with SXSW.
‘That leads to computers having human intelligence, our putting them inside our brains, connecting them to the cloud, expanding who we are.
‘Today, that’s not just a future scenario,’ Kurzweil said. ‘It’s here, in part, and it’s going to accelerate’, he said.
Kurzweil said that machines are already making us smarter and by connecting these machines to our neocortex they will help people think more smartly.
However, Kurzweil said he wasn’t concerned about the threat that intelligent robots might pose to humanity, according to via DaiyMail

“We’re going to be funnier, we’re going to be better at music. We’re going to be sexier”… Our weak ass human brains will become obsolete as physiology and technology become fused together, living in the same ecosystem. Think you’re an intelligent human being? You very well might be, but imagine someone with your same IQ and drive having their brain fused with a computer so they have no downtime, ever, and are constantly able to work and make that paper…By the way, if you’re wondering about that feature image of the brain at the top of this article, that’s my brain after it was injected with tracer and recorded during an MRI.

Should we believe Ray Kurzweil? This is a man who has climbed to the top of the ladder in the Engineering world and he’s done so by making bold predictions about the future AND by seeing those predictions come true 86% of the time.

This isn’t really bad news, though, at least according to Ray. He sees a lot of reason to be optimistic about this impending Artificial Intelligence singularity. Ray believes this could be a massive chance for humanity to improve itself in ways never before imagined. It’s all extremely fascinating, and I highly suggest checking out everything he had to say during his SXSW panel by CLICKING HERE to head over to