This Is What The Average Man’s Body Looks Like Around The World, And Surprise Surprise Us Americans Are Blobs

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Artist Nickolay Lamm, as part of his Body Measurement Project, has taken the averages from CDC anthropometric data in order to create four realistic representations of what the average man’s body looks like around the world. The represented countries include the United States, Japan, Netherlands and France, and while the pictures don’t look too bad…

Actually, I lied. We look pretty shitty.



The United States clocks in with a BMI of 29, which is just ONE point shy of being considered obese. At 5’9”, the representation of the United States has a 39-inch waist. Do you know what the BMI’s for the other countries are?



Fucking 23.7, 25.2 and 25.5, all within normal ranges. Sure 29 isn’t so far off from 25 (if you’re deluded and looking at this from a numeral standpoint), but for shit’s sake look at the Netherlands and the United States compared back to back:


Yep, this is what we’ve become: fat-asses whose stomachs protrude out past our boxer waistlines. 0/10, would not bang.

And before all the angry fatties start getting hyped up in the comments about how “BMI isn’t a reliable measure of health grrrr,” shut up. That’s only true if you’re built like The Rock, whose BMI is 30.8 because a huge portion of his weight comes from muscle. For your average person though? Sorry, but you’re not built like The Rock. The BMI scale works perfectly fine for 99% of the population, it just so happens that a huge chunk of the population also happens to be fat.

[H/T Elite Daily and The Atlantic, images via Nickolay Lamm and Shutterstock]


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