This 22-Year-Old Girl Conquered Her Anorexia To Become A Body-Positive Instagram Star

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Pretty awesome feel-good story about body image from over in the UK papers. Megan Jayne is a “body positive warrior” who is blowing up on Instagram these days. As a teenager, she battled with anorexia to the point where it almost killed her — she only weight about 60 pounds and doctors only gave her a few weeks to live before she checked into a recovery center. Talking to The Mirror, she explains the hell of dealing with an eating disorder:

Megan said: “At my lowest weight size four clothes were falling off me, my hair thinned and I was constantly freezing cold.

“Thin would never be thin enough. The eating disorder overcame me so much that I believed it was all that I was and all that I had.

“I became an empty shell of a girl, still obsessing over whether my stomach was visible through my hospital gown.”

After two years of slow recovery – aided by the unwavering support of her father – Megan had an epiphany aged 16.

She started eating and within a year had nearly tripled her body weight.

But she had replaced starvation with binging and was still unhappy.

After five years of ups and downs, she got involved with the “Fitspiration” movement on Instagram. In other words, she became all about embracing her body for what it is. Her Instagram is a great, positive follow, too:

Go read more of her interview over at The Mirror…

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I'll probably never be a gym bunny. I'll probably never want a salad for dinner. I'll probably never be a UK size 8 again. And now I know, that all of those things are okay. When you stop using exercise to torture your body into weight loss submission, you might just find ways to move that you actually enjoy. Ways that feel good, without pressure, without obligation, moving for the joy of moving. And if not, that's cool too! Exercise is not a requirement for self love, and if you're an ED warrior who has struggled with exercise addiction, like myself, then please don't go back until you're mentally healed. 🌸 As for food, it's not something you have to earn. It's not something you have to burn off. Forget about 'good' and 'bad' foods - what you eat is not a reflection of your moral character. Eat what you want, when you want, and never apologise for it. You deserve to eat, no matter what. Health is not one dimensional. Your mental and emotional wellbeing should be prioritised as well. For some people health is carrot sticks and cross fit. For others it's chocolate cake and catching up with friends. For me, it's yoga in the morning and pizza for dinner. And that's okay. We're all allowed our own definition of health, and of happiness. 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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You can get there. Maybe right now you can't see a way out. Maybe you've been dragged into the depths of self hatred, and you just can't see a way back up. We've all been poisoned by a world that profits from us hating our bodies, and if they had their way we'd be tied down forever. Paying for their impossible idea of perfection with our money, our self esteem, our happiness. But I know that you can break free. Because I did. You just have to believe that you can. You have more strength inside of yourself than you will ever know. You are powerful. Powerful enough to rip off those chains holding you down, and refuse to believe that you aren't good enough any longer. You've spent enough of your life shackled by other people's expectations. It's time to be free, and embrace the beautiful body positive warrior that's been in you all along. If this girl can get there, I know that you can too. 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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💖 SOME BELLY ROLL LOVE 💖 Nobody is supposed to love their belly rolls, I know that. Or at least I know that's what society and the media has taught me. After all, even most plus size models have every roll, bump and crease airbrushed away so they better fit the perfect body standard. God forbid they might bend or sit naturally and show the world what ALL TUMMIES LOOK LIKE SOMETIMES. But why should we be ashamed of our rolls? Soft curves are coveted elsewhere on the body but met with disgust on our beautiful bellies. Why should anyone hold the power to convince us that we're less attractive, less perfect, less amazing because of where our lovely little fat cells settle? I'm not giving anyone that kind of power over my self worth. I choose to love my tummy, tensed or folded, toned or soft, and forevermore unairbrushed. ✊💕

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